How to Look Sexy: Important Helpful Tips

I’m sexy and I know it

I’m too sexy

Sexy Can I

You might have got a bold & sexy hint till now! We are talking about stand, hip and pout. Of course, sexy is not just about that but sexy must have crazy in it else it’s just provocative!

There are no hard-&-fast rules on how to ‘be’ sexy but certainly you can do your study on how to ‘look’ like one!

1. Hygiene & Eating habits

All good practices start with hygiene. You feel fresh, smell great and look awesome! Everything is linked-up. Following a good dental hygiene is as important as wearing clean clothes. Shave regularly; carry mints, deodorant and a spare dress just in case.

What you eat shows first on your face, stomach, thighs and hands! So eat right, in small portions and frequently as well (3 hours gap). Drink at least 20 glasses of water and have 3 different types of fruits! This would give a bright glow to your face in even one day!

2. Grooming

A well-groomed person goes a long way in memory. Keep yourself tidy; get a haircut regularly and unwanted hair removed unquestionably. If you feel that you look the same everyday (in a negative sense) then that’s a wakening call. Rush to your salon and give yourself a flattering hairstyle makeover. Not only does it boost your confidence, which BTW is essential for SEXY; but it makes you look very attractive.

3. Beauty

Makeup is an essential for defining your features. If you’re allergic to it then you can go for the minimal kohl and lip gloss look. Change your makeup routine by focussing on different areas of your face each day. Some days it’s about the lips while sometimes it’s about your smizing eyes. Nail lacquer and jewellery is an important part of beautification too!

4. Dress to Kill

Hear those words often? They are the standard syllable of fashion; what goes after that are ‘WoWs’! Pick only those clothes which accentuate your curves and hide your flaws.

Watch out for colors that bring you down, instead, opt for the ones which make you feel alive. If you are not comfortable with certain style of clothes then you would never feel like wearing them so in turn, Not Sexy!

Some sexy choice of clothes could be- Slim fit denims, lace dress, sheer shirt, corset, LBD, bandage skirt, empire waist top and a maxi dress.

Some colors that are synonyms with sexy are- Red, black, pink, nude and white.

Remember- Nothing is limited just to style and colors, it’s about the right attitude.

5. Get your act together

Sometimes the way you walk, talk, sit, gesture and dance tells a lot about you. It’s all about the right posture and body language. Practice all of the above in front of mirror. If something looks strange then start working on it at that instant. If for example, you slouch often then make it remind yourself to sit straight or ask your friend to pinch you if you do! Always works!

6. Smile

Smiling makes you 10 times more attractive than you already are! It’s the best medicine for any kind of pain. Apply it and see yourself get charged! Works like a charm.

7. Confidence

If you are not confident about yourself then you can flush the above knowledge down the drain. Start by acknowledging yourself, giving credits for small reached-goals, buying sexy lingerie, doing what you love and loving what you do is a handy advice. Believe in yourself and it would show in your attitude.

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