How to approach Modelling agencies for assignment

 At the back of this brochure is a long list of just some of the modelling agencies that exist in the UK. Some agencies specialise in a particular type of modelling so make sure that your look is suitable for the agency before you approach them to save time and energy.

Once you have selected some appropriate agencies to approach make some preparations so that you make the best first impression. Try to remain calm. Don't forget the agencies are used to dealing with new models so they will do their best to keep you at ease. Bravery, boldness and a big smile will help you on the day. Don't be afraid to ask questions and try to keep your answers clear and concise. As much as the agency will be acting on your behalf you have to remember ‘What can I offer them? Sell yourself – there is only one of you. Remember you are unique and deserve this opportunity!
Think of the visit to the agency as any other job interview. First impressions last and you need to make sure that they see your potential as a model. Therefore make sure that you look well groomed but not like you are heading off to a nightclub. Keep make-up and clothing appropriate. Wearclothing that will show off your figure – a fitted t-shirt or vest, skinny jeans and high heels is always a winning option. Make sure your hair is clean and of your face and keep nails short and natural. If you have to wear makeup keep it light and natural – clear mascara, tinted moisturiser and lip-gloss is the most you should wear.
Top Tip  – Try to be as natural as possible.
Remember to do your research. Before visiting an agency try and find out as much as you can about them beforehand to gauge what sort of reputation they have. Remember they will be representing you so make sure that they have the resources and reputation to find you work. Don't feel pressured into doing anything. Read through all the terms and conditions before you sign with an agency. The terms may look long but it is better to take your time and read through everything carefully making you sure you understand and are happy before signing on the dotted line.
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