HOW TO PROMOTE YOURSELF in Modelling Industry

 Whether or not you have an agent self-promotion is always a great way to make contacts within the industry. Joining an agency can be tough as there is so much competition. So whilst you search for a suitable one it is wise to learn how to promote yourself professionally. There are thousands of models who do not have agents yet regularly find work for themselves via self-promotion.

Now that you have your portfolio you will need to network to build your contacts. Research photographers, make-up artists and stylists that are looking for new faces to 'test' with. 'Testing' is what creatives in the industry do to build on their portfolios. Another name for it is Time for Print (TFP). Use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram to post your professional images online with links to your webpage.
It is wise to have a personal Twitter and a professional one too. With regards to Facebook set up a fan page – this way you can monitor all the activity on your fan page. Whilst social media is a great way to build your profile you need to remain professional and keep your personal life private. The photographer you worked with last week doesn’t need to know how many shots of sambuca you had at the weekend.
Top Tip #9 – Keep your private life private! Create separate accounts on social media sites – one for friends & family and one for clients and associates.
Rather than visiting commercial agencies face to face with your printed portfolio save time by emailing them with links to your online portfolio. It is advisable to send a link to your portfolio rather than your images as attachments as the files are quite large and can clog up the recipient’s inbox.
Top Tip  – Use every opportunity you can to network. Carry your Z cards with you all the time and try to work with as many up and coming creatives for free to gain contacts and build on your portfolio. You never know – that make-up artist you worked with for free may recommend you for paid work.
We can’t stress enough that the Internet is a great way to promote yourself as a model. Consider FSM e- Folio, which, is your personal online portfolio. An e-Folio is essentially a bespoke website showcasing your images and stats. The site will be in your own name and you will be able to send and receive enquiries through the website. Having an online presence such as this gives you more scope as a model as it means that you can market yourself professionally and internationally. Self-promotion is an invaluable way of gaining work in this competitive market.
Top Tip  – Create a database of all your industry contacts so that you can easily get hold of them when you need to.
Now what is left is for you to get out there and start promoting yourself. You have your portfolio which is the first step. Now you need to start marketing yourself so use the tips that we have outlined in this section. It is time to use your professional images to build profiles online in addition to attending castings. We’ve compiled a short list of websites that you can research and join to promote yourself as a model.
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