Indian Couture 2015 By Manish Arora

Manish Arora's ethnic Indian label Indian by Manish Arora's Couture 2015 line is inspired by his travels. The designer looks at the Topkapi Palace rich in Ottoman architecture, Chinese operas, Kosovo brides, Balinese doors—all interpreted in a wonderful mix of bead work and mirror work.TheTradeBoss interviews the maverick designer.


What makes this collection different?
The creative stimulation for each designer stems from a given inspiration across various elements in our surroundings or experiences in our lives. What does differentiate one from the other is the interpretation of the inspiration incorporating one's own personal style. For me, each couture collection serves as an extension to my personality molded around Indian tradition but with my own contemporary take on it.
What music were you listening to while working on the collection?
The music from Robot Heart at Burning Man—The festival is the only big event I make sure I go to every year and attend the Robot Heart camp, which is one of the better known art collectives at the festival known for some of the best electronic music.
A bride you would love to dress?
Sonam Kapoor—a dear friend and a style icon in her own right. I think she possesses the versatility and confidence that I would see in an ideal 'Manish Arora' bride.
Wedding destinations people haven't explored yet?
In recent times, a lot of weddings have become all about the pomp and show and less about the actual reason you come together, which is the celebration of a couple's sacred union. With destination weddings being the latest craze, I think people should keep it personal, revisit tradition a little and explore having weddings at their own home.
The Manish Arora must-haves every bride needs to own?
At least one outfit which is bright and colorful and that makes her happy. Nothing is a bigger joy than to see than a truly happy bride!
What's the most important aspect of a wedding?
The forging of a new relationship—without that there wouldn't even be a wedding right?
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