Wear Black Dresses For All Summer Long

Too often, black gets a bad rap in the summer, blamed for absorbing heat and looking too, well, dark. Not the case, people. It’s easy to wear, it’s flattering and it matches everything. Here, all the convincing you need to channel your inner Morticia as temps rise.

How to wear it: cut it out

Strategically-placed cutouts allow for ventilation while looking sleek and just a little bit scandalous.Not all cutouts have to reveal midriff. Instead, go for some subtle, flattering shoulder action.

How to wear it: go with the flow

We’ve already told you about the wonders of palazzo pants, but how about palazzo pants in the form of an easy, breezy jumpsuit?

How to wear it: skirt the issue

How to stay cool while staying covered? Try a midi with a sheer or lace overlay that gives the illusion of coverage without the weight of a ton of fabric.

How to wear it: keep it short

If you’re not concerned about coverage, a leather mini is a great option. Balance the risqué factor of the bottom with a relaxed black tank, untucked for maximum effortlessness.

How to wear it: loosen up

There’s a time and place for structured clothes. A 100-degree summer day is not that time. Avoid looking too relaxed by pairing a half-tucked top with lightly tapered (but still loose) pants.

How to wear it: swing into action

Meet your summer dressing go-to, the swing dress. Basically the easiest thing in the world to wear, it provides a much-needed breeze on the most sweltering of days.

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