lexander Lewis designs for the woman

LONDON-based designer Alexander Lewis designs for the woman we'd all like to be. Colourful, insouciant and laid-back, the label's signatures could just as easily be used to describe its growing fans. 

"The type of woman I see wearing my pieces is full of positive energy," he told us. "She is nonchalantly sexy and doesn't take herself too seriously; she loves fashion and clothing without being a slave to trends and style. She travels, or at least has the desire to travel and explore, she is always ready for a good time. There is a soundtrack playing in her head while she is walking or working. Music has a deep spiritual connection for her and whether she is 18 or 85 she is confident in who she is. Her laugh is infectious."

If you haven't heard of Lewis's name yet, it won't be long until his label is firmly on your fashion radar. Half American, half Brazilian he trained to be actor before realising his real love was fashion and began working on Savile Row at Norton & Sons and later E Tautz, where he learnt about pattern-cutting, fit and how to turn an idea into a beautifully-crafted item of clothing. In 2012, he launched his womenswear line, founded upon his sharp tailoring, clean lines, as well as a modern and nonchalant elegance.

"My aesthetic always seems to be born in a clash of two seemingly disparate cultures," he said. "Personally, my mixed background of German-American meets Panamanian-Brazilian with a British step-father from Kenya has always meant exposure to many cultures for as long as I can remember.  I always try to keep my aesthetic personal in some way and as someone once said, 'write what you know.'"

Having previously only created pre collections, the label is on the cusp of showing four collections a year - starting with autumn/winter 2014. Next year, he will focus on expanding his team - signifying a new stage of development for the brand.

"I plan to continue the growth of the brand in a steady and measured method," he said. "I have thus far only shown pre-collections as a conscious move to create my own space in the market.  I have also been sure to develop as much cloth in the collections in house as possible and have them woven in the UK as exclusives to the collection. I think these are things that help to establish the language of the brand."

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