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Complaint Against By Alile Banda

I have bought three items from 1. LV millenium Sunglasses- order no. 100017877- 2. LV ladies Handbag order no. 100017579- 3. Longines Watch- order no.- 100016141. After I recieving the Longines watch, I tried to adjust the chronometre but was not able to do so, so I took the watch to Logines authorized retailer, the retailer after seeing the watch informed me that the watch was a fake and even the chronos on the watch are dummies. He even informed me that this model no. is not even the part of longines collection. This made me suspicious and I made and effort to drive from Pune to Mumbai to LV store in Taj Landsend to get the LV bag and sunglasses checked which I bought from Digaaz. LV guys did all their best spent a good time to investigate the product called up few places and established that the bag which I bought was not part of LV collection and the sunglasses are not as per the quality of LV, they even shown me the original sunglasses and I could make a whole lot of difference between them. Then I contacted Digaaz and told them the complete story, they said if I am not happy with the product then they will arrange the reverse pickup they will check the product, will provide me all the valid documents from the manufacturers proving that its not fake and if I am not satisfied will refund my money. Hence I returned the product to them and even after 7 days of recieving the product they never contacted me. Then I had to call them back, and was able to connect to their quality head Ms. Monica, she ensured me that she will give me the answer in one day, after waiting for one more day I didn\'t recieved any response from them, I tried to call up again to connect with Ms. Monica and she was not available and this went on for 4 more days finally after giving about 50 calls I was able to catch hold of Ms. Monica. This time Ms. Monica completely changed the pitch that she was giving before, she told me that she will want in written from the retailer that this product is fake, I told her that why she is talking in opposite direction, on the other she should give me proof in written that product is original and the debate went on finally she said we will not refund your money but give you a store credit, I told her that I have already lost my faith in the company so I would like a refund and she refused that they will not give my money back. I am waiting a call back from them today otherwise I am going to complain to Police Commissioner of Chandigarh today about the fraud and illegal activity of selling the fake items online.

Submitted by: alile banda