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Bookmyflowers Misleading Customers

This is not the first time, but many times I have been misled by this portal with the information given. Recently, I booked a chocolate bouquet for Rs.750 with order# OR-249864. No where on the product page ( have they mentioned that it is a courier product. This was not mentioned while placing order nor in the confirmation mail.
I selected a delivery date for an occasion. When I called in the morning, I was told the order is out for delivery. There was no tracking update on the site or to me by mail or sms. The evening passed and still no update. When I called at night again, they said it was a courier product and might take upto a few days at times. The supervisor specifically mentioned their legal disclaimer policy which states this in regards to courier orders. Firstly, it was no where mentioned to me, the customer that this was a courier product, and secondly according to the portal\'s legal disclaimer, the customer is sent tracking details by mail and sms.
I received neither!! I asked for refund and cancellation but they refused. Next day in the evening, the courier was delivered with all chocolates melted. They not only spoilt my occasion but embarrassed with melted chocolates. FYI, a Rs.750 bouquet has 10 small Rs.10 dairy milks and still the site has to act so cheap!
Submitted by: Arun Kumar