Our Story began in 2013. Over the past seven years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing fashion for women of every size. Now we ship to over 100 countries worldwide and have accumulated 14.7 million registered users. On social media, we have more than 12 million followers, across Facebook, Instagram and, Twitter.

Our Audience is a group of powerful, responsible women who do love life and pursue happiness. In their daily life, they cleverly deal with trivia and build happiness for the family; In their work, they assume responsibility in a particular arena and they are really hardworking. They should not be defined by "standard beauty", but be praised for their uniqueness and confidence.
Our Mission is to try our best to cater for all shapes and sizes. We found that the average size of women is size 16-18, while the standard sizes are only size 0-12. They have encountered many challenges beyond their imagination when buying clothes and are extremely eager for a fit, a variety of choices, and self-confidence in any occasion.
They don't need to change themselves, the clothes should fit them better.
Our Products & Designs
We help them unleash their beauty with unique designs and sophisticated tailoring. The combination of the waisted shape and knitted fabric perfectly highlights their curved body.
We have diverse patterns. Florals, polka dots, and plaid patterns deserve their screams.
We also provide a variety of choices for their different occasional needs so that they can showcase their sense of style in an affordable way.
We are more than willing to provide all the products and services that help them to make their lives more convenient.
Our specialized warehousing and logistics allow them to receive goods faster.
Our service is online for 24 hours. Your most intimate friend is on the phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on the other side of the network.
Our Slogan