B-40, 1st Floor, Sector-9, Noida-201301 | Delhi , India is India’s most sought after fashion destination with a unique shopping experience at the click of a button.
Fashion is a global phenomenon and its true value lies in beautifully bridging the gap between the seemingly disparate worlds : the ethnic and the urbane, the ancient and the futuristic. We strive to bring to you touch of modern sensibilities amalgamated with aesthetic materials. The world of fashion is vibrant and always changing. At Pretgully, we bring to you hi fashion and street style, vintage and affordable fashion in apparel, accessories and home décor with a touch of contemporary elegance, themes and trends.
Pretgully is the newest way to discover fashion with panache. Our team of "Personalized Solution Providers" is equipped to handle your everyday fashion dilemmas - be it your need for finding the perfect personal outfits for yourself, or exquisite solutions for your home. The creativity and intricate craftsmanship is carried forward from season to season to address ever changing trends in fashion. We strive to offer the highest quality in our products and guarantee an everlasting impression for our patrons. Our team will guide you through every step of the way so that you relish, the fine art of personalization.
Years of experience has led to the culmination of our state of the art "Crystal Application Workshop" which is equipped  to crystallize anything, ranging from pins to planes. So, whether you want to don bold silhouettes or accentuate subtle shades , our textured pieces can withstand the test of time.
We endeavour to provide a unique experience so you can stay on top of the latest fashion news and splendid style trends. Our platform amalgamates technology with the Human Connect. This way we provide to you an amazing User Experience while on the site, and a premium before and after-sales service, ensuring an experience  par excellence to you.