India has 92 Million Facebook users, next only to US: Study


Facebook has gained second position in India with around 92 Mn users, next only to US as per a recent study published at DazeInfo. As per the report, where the Facebook user base is on the verge of declining in the developed countries, it is on continuous rise in the developing economies like India and Brazil.

Here is a brief overview of the findings from the study:

1. More than 50% of the Facebook’s user base in India comprises of youth aged between 18-24

Of the total user base of 92 Mn, the youth between 18-24 years of age forms more than 50% of the Facebook’s user base. Also, the teen population forms around 11% of the total Facebook users in India.

2.  Female Facebook users are comparatively less than Male users in India

Whereas Male users comprises of nearly 75.6% of the total user base, i.e 69.5 Mn, female users comprises of only 22 Mn users.

India has 92 Mn Facebook users, next only to US: Study

3. Majority of the Indians still hesitate to mention their relationship status

As per the report, more than 50% users were seen reluctant in mentioning their Facebook relationship status, and does not even bother about it. Also, it has been seen that nearly 22 Mn users aged between 18-24 choose not to reveal their true relationship status, which is a bit weird considering the frank and spontaneous attitude of today’s younger generation.

As per the study, the rising internet penetration will play a crucial factor in further increasing Facebook’s user base in India. Considering the recent reports, India is close to touch more than 185 Mn mobile internet users by June 2014. Clearly, this opens up a wide opportunity for Facebook to rise further in near future both in terms of mobile and desktop.


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