India favours setting up of portal with US to check web crime


In an effort to seek cooperation from the US to set up a joint workforce to handle cyber crime issues, India has recently proposed a two day meet with US to talk upon the difficulties faced by Indian security agencies in cyber-crime related cases.

The idea was to have an open dialogue conference between Indo-US Police Chiefs to ask US to share their technology to decipher messages from social networks that pose a “challenge” to security agencies to intercept communications. It also focused on the requirements of cybercrime investigations and challenges that Indian police faces to get information from particularly from those having servers in the US.


Post the meet, India has reportedly favored the setting up of an online portal US to check cybercrime including the misuse of social networks and hacking. “We have suggested setting up of cooperation portal on cybercrime where requests can be logged and tracked,” one of the police chiefs, who participated in the conference, said.

This will help Indian security agencies to get information to tackle hacking and misuse of social media platforms, as most of the main service providers like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter based in the U.S.

Both sides also debated on how to stop the misuse of social chatting sites including WhatsApp, BBM and WeChat. The availability of their web servers in India is required for lawful interception of the communications in real time or near real time manner for timely action by the security and intelligence agencies, the Indian team has suggested.

Furthermore, the report also said that US police have also been facing similar challenges and suggested that such a portal will help law enforcement agencies of both the countries.

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