Brandtone announces to set foot in India


Dublin based mobile marketing company Brandtone announced that its plans to set foot in India. This announcement comes after the recent deal signed by the firm with Unilever. Mandeep Singh has been appointed as the MD of Brandtone India.

A statement by Brantone said, “This deal will enable Unilever to use the power of mobile and big data to build long term, one-to-one relationships with the consumers, particularly in emerging markets, where mobile is a key tool to reach them- and to do so at scale.”

Explaining Unilever’s part of the deal, the statement said, “Unilever will support Brandtone’s expansion into four new markets including India, China, US and Indonesia.”

The account size remains undisclosed.

Mandeep Singh said, “Indian consumer products companies spend some 7-8 per cent of their advertising budgets on digital media. Mobile still accounts for a fraction of digital spending.

He added, “In India, we have started our operations with Unilever as a client, and are planning to focus on the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and services sector for now.”

The statement issued by Brandtone further said, “Brandtone’s business model is valuable business exchange, based on providing incentives such as free mobile airtime, to reward consumers for interacting with brands and sharing information via their mobile phones.”

Speaking about the deal, Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever said, “Over half our turnover comes from emerging markets. Mobile provides a direct means of engagement with almost every consumer in those countries and therefore it is absolutely critical for our brands’ growth.”

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