LocalOye launches venue booking and discovery service in Mumbai


Commerce engine for events industry, LocalOye has launched venue booking and discovery service in Mumbai. The service will help users to find venues for events including team outings, weddings, corporate meetings and parties etc.
The   company claims that the commerce engine    takes    into    account    exhaustive    meta-data    like    pricing    fluctuations,    locality    preferences,    amenities    and    catering    specialties to    suggest    venues.

Presently, the startup claims to be working with 400+ venues, out of which 250+ are in the hospitality sector including bigwigs like Trident Hotel, Sofitel, and Orchid Hotel etc.

“Currently, venues  work  on less than 50% occupancy rates, even during    peak    months. LocalOye helps improve this via relevant leads and efficient  inventory management. We are already working with  300+  venues  in  Mumbai and a conversion rate of  67% for venue seekers,” said  Founder  and  CEO,  Aditya Rao.  

LocalOye is also building SaaS solutions for venues to manage incoming leads and build business analytic dashboards.     
Founder and CTO, Anupam Tulsyan said that,  “The  events industry is  very fragmented; and our data sciences    team    is    excited    to    expand    our  algorithms  and  models  in  the  coming  days  to   better  use  that  meta  data. The  team  is  passionate    about    Local    Commerce and believes that such a  big problem    can    only    be    solved    piece-­â€by-­â€piece; not by horizontal  Classifieds and  Review Sites."

Talking about their future plans, Aditya added, “We will soon finish building our B2B tools for venues like inventory management, business analytics and CMS for managing online presence. We are also running a few experiments to figure out if expanding into ancillary services like DJs, Decorators, and Caterers etc. is a viable business model.”

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