Sokrati launches personaAds advertising and analytics platform


Digital advertising agency, Sokrati has launched personaAds advertising and analytics platform which allows advertisers to create ads based on personas of their target audience. The person is created by the information pulled out of Facebook and other online platforms where users’ response can be derived based on how they respond to different variables such as messages, products, brands and prices.

personaAds automatically identifies relevant and custom audience personas for the advertisers’ business, generates ads based on product SKU level feeds, and identifies what creative elements drive the most ROI.

Talking about the platform, Rahul Kulkarni, Chief Product Officer - Sokrati said, “We see that the next evolution in ad technology is to move away from draconian user-demographics based targeting to a more sophisticated user psychographics and predictive intent based targeting. Instead of thinking in terms of [Age:30-35, Gender:Female, Interest:Green Peace], we build a persona of [Value conscious young mom, with 2 kids, an hour-long daily commute and a passion for being environmentally friendly]. By customizing the ad creative based on what appeals to the target persona, we ensure that the right message reaches the right audience, driving better conversions.”

Ashish Mehta, CEO - Sokrati added, “Our social spends have been growing at over 300% and we look forward to taking this approach of psychographic-based advertising to advertisers across the globe.”

Sokrati personaAds includes Ad Factory that helps create thousands of fine-grained product SKU level ads based on smart templates and data from the advertiser’s product feed. The product feed could be in various formats including RSS, XML, spreadsheet or even the Magento ecommerce platform.

Founded by former Amazon and Google executives,  Sokrati claims to drive over 12 million monthly visits to advertisers by managing more than 100 million active ad entities on a real-time basis.

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