CouponDunia expands internationally in Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey and Poland


Mumbai- based online couponing portal, CouponDunia has expanded internationally in Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey and Poland. As of now, the firm is handling operations in these markets remotely through its office in Mumbai.

Speaking to India Digital Review about the business opportunity in these international markets, co-founder CEO Sameer Parwani said, “The opportunity is very similar in Indonesia. There are 250 million people and not many of them shop online. So we're getting in early and introducing coupons to the market in the hopes users take to coupons and that e-commerce starts to pick up soon. Brazil, Poland, and Turkey are more developed e-commerce markets but where there are already existing coupon sites but no dominant market leader, hence we see an opportunity there.”

The company claims that it currently lists coupons for around 400 merchants in Turkey alone, while in Brazil, Indonesia and Poland, this number is around 200 each.

Sharing its business growth in India, Sameer exemplifies, “An example of the amount of sales volume we drive, our users made over 2.5 crores worth of purchases from Flipkart in August alone. The most amazing part of that is Flipkart does not even offer coupons. Instead we drove the users to Flipkart by promoting their various sales and deals. It just goes to show you how much people trust CouponDunia for their purchase decisions.”

He said that India is a country of 1.3 billion people yet there are no more than 25 million people who shop for retail products online as of right now.

“Our business is highly efficient and has been profitable since month one, so it excites us tremendously that if we are able to do this well on the small scale that e-commerce is at in India right now, and then we should be able to do much better once e-commerce grows to a more mature stage in India. Of course we take nothing for granted and have some exciting new changes to our site coming up soon,” he added.

The company plans to fortify its position in these four countries and it plans to further expand its presence.

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