Sribu wins top e-commerce INAICTA 2013 award


Indonesian design crowdsourcing marketplace Sribu won an INAICTA 2013 award in the e-commerce category. About 1,000 applicants across 21 categories competed for the Indonesian IT awards at this year’s INAICTA 2013. Sribu beat seven other nominees in e-commerce such as Jarvis store, Tinggal Cari, and Barter Indonesia.

Sribu helps clients purchase designs from professional designers on its network. It’s attracted up to 1,000 paying clients and registered 30,000 certified designers. This might be boosted by Sribu’s collaboration with Visa. The number of paying clients has doubled from the last time we covered Sribu’s progress around four months ago. That also doubled the company’s optimism about its push to expand globally. Sribu’s founder Ryan Gondokusumo explains:

    "Based on our customers’ reviews and feedback, we have proven that crowdsourcing works in the Southeast Asia market. It will soon disrupt the industry and shift the people that previously used outsourcing to crowdsourcing, as it provides much better value to them. The trend is positive and is just a matter of time before the numbers grow exponentially."

The company only has eleven people on board. It paid out IDR 1.47 billion ($134,310) to designers under its profit sharing scheme (designers get 80 percent and the remaining 20 percent for Sribu). Sribu plans to launch a new product package very soon to accommodate small businesses in the local market.

Ryan tells us that this new product will be called the “saver package.” Clients will get a maximum of 15 designs for specific categories such as logos, posters, flyers, merchandising, book covers, mascots, invitations, labels, and banner designs with a starting price of IDR 500,000 ($45.50). This new product is part of Sribu’s customer acquisition strategy. It will reach out to markets still uncertain about using crowdsourcing due to budget issues and trust. Long before that, rival design platform 99designs launched new site Swiftly to gain more users. Another rival, Kreavi, is also in this space.

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