Launches online stores for Delhi-NCR

A) Founders/ co-founders and the founding date

We have a young, dynamic and creative team. We believe in doing our best to deliver the best! We have started operations in Sep 2011. The team’s Head is Prabhjyot Singh, founder of Living Gifts and entrepreneurship runs in his blood.
Prabhjyot Singh
He is accomplished E-Commerce Thinker with a unique mix of a Digital and Technical background. He is a Management Graduate from Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad. He has over 7 years of experience in Digital world and has an extensive experience of setting up online businesses from scratch.

Developed online brands and delivered strong year-on-year revenue growth.
Entrepreneurial, self directed, and motivated to partner with local businesses. He has profound experience in handling large product portfolio at single point of time. Noted for being a thought leader with respect to bringing innovations in operations and methods to achieve and out-do targets.

Talvinder Kaur
Ms. Talvinder heads the operations of Living Gifts. With an invaluable experience of 6 years and her profound knowledge in operations, she is the force in expanding the network in India. A post graduate from Symbiosis, she has acquired her expertise by working with big brands in India.
Her passion for operations coupled with her love to travel adds on to her pearls of wisdom which she loves to share.
Looking after the entire branding and marketing he is the marketing bone of Living Gifts. His areas of expertise being scalable internet applications based on open source technologies. He is MBA graduate from PU in Telecom & IT and Physics Hons from DU, with work experience in MNC companies he is an expert in his field.
He demonstrates in-depth analytical and strategic ability to facilitate operational and procedural planning while adopting a holistic approach to problem solving;

B) VISION is an online retailer committed to delivering an exceptional gifting experience in India.

C) COMPANY’s Existence
Currently no one in the market is offering conventional plants as a gifting option to the customer. We have launched the concept of Conventional Plants for Gifting which can stay together forever and person can always cherish the moment of love, friendship, care, emotions.
It is going to be our Endeavour to bring you the best gifts. We offer wide range of plants for gifting as well as for shopping them for your Home, Office, and Work Stations. We have everything from regular gifts to high-end gifts. Our motto is to provide unique gift solutions to people. And this love affair with plants is only the beginning…..

D) Inception of Living Gifts
We always thought of gifting options in our personal life for our friends, relatives etc. that should, directly or indirectly, give message and relate to nature and its beauty. At that point, when we use to search in market and we never got an option for Green Gifting.
We started preparing our own gifts like Lucky Bamboo arrangement, Natural Plants, Fish bowl and gradually got recognition from our friends. That stroked our mind to spread this option of Green Gifting at larger scale thereby contributing towards reducing our personal carbon footprints also.
We started selling Natural Plants and flowers through an online portal and in short span of time, delivered thousands of plants in India. It was quiet encouraging seeing the overwhelming response of an audience.

E) Current MARKET & Our Marketing Strategy
There are gift companies in India which are selling regular gifting items which only last for couple of days. Our biggest challenge was to replace the conventional gifting stuff like flowers, soft toys with the Natural Plant. Also, since it is very inconvenient to carry plant to someone’s marriage, birthday, or any other occasion thus customer hesitates to purchase them.
Challenges in spreading the message Even though there is gradual mood shift in selecting green gifts, people still favor flowers, soft toys etc. for gifting on different occasions like birthday, valentine etc. Our 50% of the orders are for plants and rests are for other gifts items. Plant Gifts are popular among gifting options for parents, grandparents and elders in family.
Whenever we propose something out of the way, even it is benefit able, it requires due effort to spread the message. Similar are the challenges we are facing in spreading the idea of Green Gifting.
Network Of Nurseries:

In order to resolve the issue, we setup our own delivery channel and collaborated with the best nurseries in different nurseries. We have trained them for various activities like Sending Gifts gently, wrapping them in a presentable manner, provided them packaging material for standardizing our delivery throughout India.
We are now the Largest Online Nursery in India. We are pioneer in delivering plants across India by leveraging the wide network which we made over a period of 1 year.

Social Responsibility:
We just don’t promote idea of Green gifting, as a social entrepreneur, we try to spread message of planting more and more trees so that we can conserve our nature. We are in engagement with one of the RWA in West Delhi for supplying free plants for park greenery.
Word Of Mouth:
Word of Mouth marketing strategy helps us lot in getting new customers, we ran various referral promotional campaigns for our existing customers though which we get lot of new customers.
Also, we believe in delivering best to customer thus our customer service is best in class. This helped us in getting lot of repeat orders from the customer round the year.

F)Products & Categories
We have wide range of Natural Products categorizing broadly into following categories;
Gift A Plant
Flowering Plants
Good Luck Plants
Office Plants
Bonsai Plants
Good Luck Bamboos
Feng Shui Plants
We are also extended our services into Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, and Other Gifts for all occasions.

G)Scope & Market opportunity for the company
Since India is emerging market and purchasing power of consumer is increasing day by day thus there is a huge scope for e-commerce companies to exist in India. Since we are servicing in the area in which there is an entry barrier of creating large network of Nurseries in India thus we have an edge in the market.
Due to the bad services in gifting industry by existing companies, customers are looking for options in the market and fortunately we are able to service them upto their expectation. Thus we are gaining due to the loss of others also.
Future Course:
Living gifts has established tie-ups with vendors across India for delivery of Natural Plants, Flowers, Gifts and apparels. After successfully completing 2 years, we are in process of opening our flagship GREEN Store in Delhi. We want to spread the message of Green gifting from physical stores also, but one thing is clear, online portal will be our prime focus as of now. We have been approached by few incubators and right now looking for justifiable option for spreading this message of Living Gifts as organization.

For more information, please Visit us at:

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