Samsung Galaxy Gear launch in the US market on October 2, 2013


In a Friday announcement, US cellular provider T-Mobile has revealed that Samsung's much-reported smartwatch device -  dubbed `Galaxy Gear' - will be launched in the US market on October 2, 2013. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be priced at $300.

However, since the Galaxy Gear will not function on its own, and will require pairing with a recent Samsung device - like the Galaxy Note 3 phablet or the forthcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition - T-Mobile has revealed that it will selling Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear as a package.

According to the details shared by T-Mobile, the cost of Galaxy Gear smartwatch bundled with the 32GB version of Note 3 will be nearly $1,004. The mentioned cost will include $704 for Note 3's unsubsidized T-Mobile version, which can be purchased for $199.99 down payment along with $21 monthly payments for and 24 months. The Note 3-Galaxy Gear bundle will be available from T-Mobile on October 2.

Among the other bigwig US carriers to offer the Galaxy Gear, Verizon will sell the `Note 3-Galaxy Gear' package for $600; or $300 for the Note 3 alone, but with a two-year contract. The Verizon bundle will start shipping by October 10.

AT&T and Sprint have not yet disclosed the pricing or the availability of the `Note 3-Galaxy Gear' package which they will be offering. However, the Note 3 will be offered by AT&T for $300; and will be shipped by October 1. Sprint also said on Thursday that it will be offering the Note 3 device this fall.

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