Everything Everywhere Limited launch Shared 4GEE plan


Everything Everywhere Limited mobile network operator and internet service provider company that trades as EE, has launched share mobile contracts, Shared 4GEE plan, which will benefit parents who pay for their children in cutting cost on phone bills.

EE has reported that it can help save over £450 per annum for an average family of four. The firm expects the deal to be a success amongst parents as it helps tackle the problem of huge bills - currently, according to the EE’s research, 42 per cent of parents pay for their children between 16 and 24 of age.

The UK’s first combined price plan of the model allows customers to link up to five 3G or 4G mobile or tablet, iPad mini and mobile wifi as substitutes, and they are all paid for through one bill.

Even though  the focus and appeal is mainly towards the parents, EE stressed that it’s not just limited to families, as an individual does not have to be related to others on the same contract or live together to take the advantage of the cost cutting deal.

Furthermore, people can be added to the contract as and when their initial contract finishes. The company offers ‘My EE’ which is a personal online account for customer to keep up-to-date with everything. The deal contains unlimited minutes and texts per device, including 20 megabytes of data shared between all users - the cost depends on the plan the customer chooses, which range from 20 to 500 megabytes.

The news comes amid consumer doubts over 4G and whether it is worth paying extra for. It has been widely reported that part of the Shared 4GEE deal is to encourage customers to upgrade to EE’s superfast mobile internet packages and the latest handsets.

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