Lego launch a new Lego Friends line


Lego will launch a new Lego Friends line featuring five mini figure dolls, in a new effort to appeal to girls in a relevant way.

The Lego Friends release follows years of research and centres around role-play and girl themes, combined with the Lego building experience encouraging girls to ‘imagine, build and create’.

Heartlake City is the bright and colourful world that is the centre of the Lego Friends range. There is a variety of sets, the first of which includes a tree house, a café, a beauty salon, a veterinary clinic , a house and a car, with many sets also designed to involve animals.

Lego has planned a large marketing investment to launch the new collection, and hopes to become leader in girl’s construction through owning a bigger share of the key five to eight year-old market. The campaign will include multiple TVCs as well as a mini movie featuring characters from the Friends range.

The launch will be supported with a dedicated microsite, featuring Heartlake City, all the settings and the world that the central characters live in. The site will allow visitors to explore the Friends line on a different platform, interact with the characters and download additional material to enrich the game play experience.

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