Indonesia’s Telkom launches incubator program in Yogyakarta

Indonesia’s largest information and communication company Telkom recently launched its second tech incubator in the city of Jogjakarta (or Yogyakarta). Called Jogja Digital Valley (JDV), the 800 meter square place lets people to use it as a coworking space, gadget room, meeting room, and incubatee room. And get this, you can use the place for free!

JDV is built to support the growth of the creative industry in Indonesia. Telkom says it is investing up to IDR 10 billion (US$1,150,000) in the next three years for the new space, and hopes it can help spur the growth of local entrepreneurs so that they can one day compete with international players.

The co-working space can hold up to 50 developers. They can also demo their applications inside the gadget room. To start using the space at JDV, users only need to register themselves on its website. They must come to JDV to physically verify the registered data, and then they will become a member for free.

Tech communities can cooperate with JDV to hold events there, too. The space has a meeting room which can accommodate up to 100 people, as well as a main parking lot which can also be used to accommodate even more. JDV will also be able to help spread the news of the event to its members. It has accumulated over 130 people so far. JDV’s sister space in Bandung called Bandung Digital Valley (BDV), which was built in December 2011, now has over 900 members.

After Bandung and Yogyakarta, Telkom plans to build more Digital Valleys in Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, and Bali.

Indigo Incubator

jogja digital valley indigo

JDV and BDV will also look for developers to join its incubator program called Indigo Incubator. JDV has the capacity to hold 10 startups while BDV can accommodate up to 20 startups for the incubator program.

The program for Bandung is now on its second batch right now, and is still open for registration until August 31st. The incubator will undertake three phases: ideation, product, and market validation. The first batch already saw 17 startups being invested in by the program. Whereas the incubator program for Yogyakarta branch will start next year.

DailySocial cites BDV executive director Indra Purnama as saying that both JDV and BDV will have very similar incubation processes. The selected startups will undergo six months of incubation as well as receiving seed funding of IDR 250 million ($28,800). After the incubation process is over, the startups will proceed to enter the acceleration program in which they can receive up to IDR 2 billion ($230,000) in further funding.

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