Asda plans to open 25 new stores


The supermarket giant has revealed plans to create 5,000 new jobs in a £500 million expansion programme this year.

In a move which has already been welcomed by prime minister David Cameron, Asda has announced it plans to open 25 new stores, refurbish 43 existing outlets and invest in three new depots in 2012.

The retailer said it would create up to 5,000 jobs on top of the 30,000 staff it acquired last year after opening a dozen stores and absorbing the 147 Netto sites and their staff after purchasing the discount chain.

Cameron said: "The additional investment and 5,000 new jobs announced by Asda will be a real boost for the economy and, more importantly, for people around Britain seeking jobs.

"I also welcome Asda's commitment to not only create jobs but invest in their staff too, offering employees the chance to join an apprenticeship scheme to gain skills which will benefit them throughout their career."

The majority of the new stores will be smaller supermarkets but the 600,000sq ft of new space will also be made up of superstores and Asda Living non-food outlets.

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