Debenhams future of shopping with free Wifi in-stores


Online or bricks and mortar? It doesn’t have to be one or the other: now Debenhams are rolling out free Wifi into all of its stores, becoming the largest coverage of any department store in the UK.

02 will manage the new service, which will allow customers to use their smartphones and tables to connect to free Wifi, wherever they are in store. Instead of tracking down a sales assistant, customers will be able to check for additional sides and availability using their phones, or scan the barcode of an item to instantly order it for home delivery.

Debenhams director, Simon Forster, said: “We’re seeing the shape of shopping in the future emerging right before our eyes. With over one million customers already with our app on their phones, free Wifi in stores has the potential to transform how people shop.”

Mobile phone transactions currently account for 20 per cent of Debenham’s total revenue, with the new Wifi-enabled stores set to increase this proportion.

Gavin Franks, managing director of O2 Wifi, said of the partnership: “O2 Wifi has announced partnerships with leading brands in 2012. We are delighted to add Debenhams to our growing portfolio. Debenhams have realised the power of using in-store connectivity as a basis to bring innovative services to customers.”

Shoppers wishing to use the Wifi will need to register to the 02 network.

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