Morrisons new online retail site


Morrisons has announced plans to create a new online retail site in cooperation with Lakeland to sell kitchenware.

It's not the first time Morrisons has expanded into online sales. In 2011, the company purchased and the following year created the website MorrisonsCellar. As online retail continuously increases its share of yearly retail sales, more and more retail chains are increasing their online presence.

Morrisons Chief Executive Dalton Philips has implied that Morrisons plans to continue to increase its online sales of non-food items in the future, stating that “We believe the future for these products is online rather than in supermarkets”. A spokesman for the company added that “There will be more of these launches as we create a range of non-food e-commerce ventures”.

It has been reported that Morrisons is also considering launching an online retail service for food.

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