Tesco announced plans to increase investment in e-commerce


Tesco has announced plans to increase its iovies and TV shows.

Tesco has also announced that it intends to expand the availability of its online food sales to three major Asian cities where the service was previously unavailable. The company will begin delivery of food to consumers in Bangkok, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur.

Philip Clarke outlined the importance of e-commerce in today’s market at a World Retail Congress event in Singapore earlier this month. He stated, “We’re living in an age of connectivity. It’s transforming every retail company. The future cannot just be about developing low-cost goods and rolling them into new markets. We need to rethink the way we retail”. He added “This is a world of hyperspeed choice and global connectivity – and you fail the moment you stand still.

Clarke announced that Tesco’s investment in technology this year will total £492 million, an amount which has tripled since 2010.

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