Waterstones launching a new online book business


Tim Waterstone, the founder of book store chain Waterstones will be launching a new online book business.

The new company will be called Read Petite and will have a focus on short stories. It will also feature longer stories published in separate segments over time, in a similar style to the serialised novels which were once popular in magazines and newspapers. The content will include obscure works by a number of well-known authors.

Waterstone explained his vision for the new business to the Daily Telegraph, stating “It worked for Dickens and it worked for us. If you are going to read on a laptop, or a smartphone or a tablet, [a short story] is about as much as you want”. He added “This is not slush pile publishing. There is an absolutely staggering treasure trove [of material] available”.

The service is expected to be launched near the end of this year. Customers will pay a monthly rate and in return will be able to access as much reading material as desired, in a similar style to the music streaming service Spotify.

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