Woolworths opened its new concept store in Erskineville Sydney


Woolworths opened its new concept store on 19th June in Erskineville, Sydney at 7 am. Specially designed for the Newtown and Erskineville communities, it is a smaller size in comparison to a usual supermarket but it promises customers more savings per day.

Placed at the corner of Erskineville Road and Union Street, the 650 square meters store displays its food to eat on-the-move like a takeaway breakfast to dinner, organic and free range ingredients and fresh barista coffee from its in-store coffee shop. Stuart McGraw, the store manager said “This is a unique store that has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the local communities that it serves."

McGraw reported that 40 new jobs have opened in the local community due to Woolworth’s new store, he added "I'm excited that the opening of our new store not only brings an entirely new shopping experience to Newtown and Erskineville, but it can also help many local people take their first steps in an exciting and fulfilling career in retail."

The aim is to offer seasonal and diverse items of Aussie produce and to deliver the fresh produced goods from growers to customers. According to McGraw, 100 per cent of their fresh meat and 97 per cent of their fresh fruit and vegetables sourced from Australia.

The store serves fresh ready-made meals, consists of an in-store bakery and premium deli range. It projects a theme of healthy products which includes its very own Macro Wholefoods Market brand that gives a wide range of organic items.

Opening hours are 7 am to 10 pm from Monday to Friday and at weekends from 8am to 10 pm. 

Most of the existing structure of the former Mardi Gras workshop has been retained including the artwork which the design centre had as floats for a parade. 

The employees of Woolworths have selected three local groups for the store to donate to which are: Erskineville Community Garden, Erskineville Public School and St Mary's Erskineville School. According to McGraw, the store expects to donate USD 1,000 between the three local groups.

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