Baby Soft launch new double-sheet micro-embossing technique


As part of its launch of the new double-sheet micro-embossing technique, Micro-Pillow, Baby Soft is running its Softer-than-Ever Baby Soft Mascot Showdown between Softi, the well known Labrador puppy and Shlumfi, a soft and well-groomed cat.
"Because we strive to remain a household favourite, we are always looking for innovative techniques to improve our product without compromising the quality that is synonymous with the brand," says Li-Anne Hide, senior brand manager for Baby Soft.

Vote for mascot

When buying a promotional pack and voting using the on-pack unique code, consumers will also stand a chance to win their share of 10,000 x R100 cash vouchers. Vouchers can be redeemed via a unique ABSA reference code that can be entered at any ABSA ATM. SMS 'Softi' or 'Shlumfi' and the unique code on the back of the sticker, to 33005. The promotion runs until 31 July 2013.

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