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The Beautiful Store is a recently launched niche online store that offers an extensive range of quality products, supported by great service and delivery worldwide, allowing both local and international buyers a convenient way to purchase gifts with style.
"We understand that the success to online shopping is the convenience of delivering, literally and figuratively, on our promises," says Rachelle Bricout, owner of the site. "You can have the most appealing looking store with fabulous products but if it is not a hassle-free experience, customers will never return. Also, there is a trust issue and for us a recurring pattern has been that customers start off with smaller purchases and grow into regular, large-purchase customers within a short time, as they realise that not only do we always deliver, but we do it beautifully."

With the Rand as it currently is, the site is seeing a greater interest from overseas buyers, especially when looking for gifts for friends and family back home in South Africa.

The thinking behind creating the store was from Bricout's own dislike of shopping, especially when having to trawl shopping centres to find something different. "I was looking for a front door mat, one that wasn't the usual grass-type mat with 'Welcome' on it but rather something that was special, exceptional. It got me thinking that I would love to be able to go to one place, preferably online, to find all that I need whether for myself, friends and family, or clients. A place that has different products of exceptional quality but also an extensive price range, so that there is something for everyone and all occasions".

The store was then created with a supplier list that includes Porsche Design, Aliverti, L'Orangerie, Menu, Von Geusau, Saeco. One can also shop by price, so those looking for gifts under R100 or R200 are able to find them too. "While my store looks expensive, there are inexpensive products as the point is not that it's a store offering expensive products but rather a store offering high quality products. If I found a product that costs R10 but is of exceptional value and not available in every mall, I would happily include it."

The store also offers gift vouchers that never expire and can be delivered to the recipient's door all beautifully packaged or alternatively sent electronically. If what one is looking for isn't in the store, it will find it, once prospective buyers have filled in the 'Seeking Beauty' page.

French chic, local style

The store has a definite French feel to it even though that was not intentional but rather inherent in Bricout's style, with the result that it has received attention from French suppliers. "I am mad about Paris and, without purposefully doing so, have created a store that has a definite French-inspired feel to it. This has meant much interest from France and all I can say is 'watch this space' as we have many interesting developments in the pipeline. Other than French products, we also have so many wonderful international and South African products and we love that we have a balance between these, meaning there is something for everyone."

Giving back is as important to the store and it is currently collecting for the homeless under its 'Blankets for Charity' section and donates 10% to DARG for all WagWorld sales.

"I have such passion for my store - for its potential and the ability it gives me to showcase incredible products and deliver them to our customer's door - we are blessed to be surrounded by such beauty. This is only the beginning - we have plans going forward and can't wait to put them in place," she concludes.

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