Debenhams plans to launch ecommerce sites in 34 other countries

Debenhams recently deployed its first foreign language online store in Germany as part of its plans to expand into international markets. Debenhams currently has stores in the U.K., Ireland and Denmark, and it plans to launch ecommerce sites in 34 other countries worldwide.

The U.K. department store will be taking on new challenges with the German online store, such as new export rules and procedures when shipping products to Germany. The retailer offers British designers and heritage products to attract shoppers in Denmark. By entering in the second largest ecommerce market in Europe behind the U.K., the German website will allow shoppers to browse the department store's offerings in their native language for ease of use.

The concept of multilingual ecommerce platforms is a growing trend throughout the U.K. and the United States. Econsultancy reported the growing Hispanic population in the United States is prompting several major retailers in the U.S. and abroad to create Spanish ecommerce sites to cater to this demographic. U.K. marketers are, likewise, recognising a rise in Polish-speaking shoppers in the country. Thus, new websites also offer Polish options for improved convenience.

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