Hugo Boss Launches Own E-Commerce Store


In the giant shopping mall that is China’s internet, luxury brands need to have a well-crafted online presence to catch the attention of China’s quite young midde class. That’s why fashion brand Hugo Boss (ETR:BOSS) launched a new Chinese online store this week that promises next-day delivery in major cities, and gives the option of cash-on-delivery for 200 cities nationwide.

Hugo Boss has decided to follow its own path with this standalone website and store, rather than opting to open a virtual storefront on a major Chinese e-shopping platform, such as Tmall. The down-sides for Hugo Boss include less passing traffic and the risk of not being visible enough in Chinese search engine results.

As spotted by JingDaily, Hugo Boss is following the lead of other fashion brands, like Coach and Zara, in opening standalone e-commerce sites in the country.

Along with e-commerce storefronts, luxury brands need to do some imaginative social media outreach in order to reach younger consumers. According to the recent ‘Digital IQ Index’ report, fashion labels like Coach, Dior, and Burberry are doing the best social marketing in China.

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