Why Chinese Government is killing thier Manufacturing Units.


Well famous for good GDP and its manufacturing turnover, Chinese have taken the global edge over other counteries. But as other economist are predicting the business be no longer profitable in future for long. Logics may be different but as a online branding professional, I am drawing few points which can lead to their business dip. May or may not be you will be agree to my points.

Let me explain the logic behind this.

1. Language issue. Chinese got that right to extend theie local chinese to global audiences. Now many countries are running their training program to learn chinese so they can run business in china. But how long. It is just increasing their overheads of business. Also their main competitor is English has already taken the whole world into their hands. Now if you have to run business globally english learning is more profitable then chinese. So chinese language has become the obstacle for chinese manufacturer's communication to rest of the world. For long run it is loosing battle for them now. Chinese government is also helping local language then global.

2. Language of websites. Offcourse I would discuss this again. when any importer searches for bearings manufacturer or online shops of apparel. Chinese can't be in search by global search engine we know this reason as chinese sites are generally in their local language so is the search. So future business which is being online. Chinese will loose the battle unless untill they don't come with some extra expanse on multi-language concept. Let's hope chinese manufacturer come up with this solution.

3. Search engine. Baidu has 10 times more search in china then their global counterparts google. They can be feel pride but the cost is high. atleast Sri lankan company don't know Baidu too much so they are searching in google rather then Baidu. Now if Chinese manufacturers have to sell their products globally they have hard work to come out of this Local Search engines. While Chinese government is not helping them for this. Why they will ask manufacturer to go for google then their own financed search engine Baidu. 

Press Media indepandance has already gave the Film Industry too much pressure to live profitably. So although the chinese government is doing too much for their people. But this is when government is able to do financially. But what if any natural desasters or military war happens then government will have to their issue rather then helping manufacturer. In those situation Exporters and Industries will have to prepare them selves or to have better management to counter future war with global players like India, indonesia and Brazil.


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