A Simplified Guide to Shaving and Shaping Eyebrows


Eyebrow shaping and shaving isn’t something you can rush through. It’s an elaborate and painstaking task, and you need to know what you are doing with your shaving tool. By the end of it, you need to have perfectly groomed eyebrows even though you are doing it from home. There are salon specialists who have exceptional expertise with eyebrows, but you don’t have to bleed money at the salon every other time.

 If you have been using tweezers to shape your eyebrows, think about what you can achieve with the best female eyebrow razor. Even though you are too cautious about your looks, sometimes it pays to do a makeover regarding the tools you use for shaping your treasured eyebrows. When you know how to pick the perfect eyebrow razor, you don’t have to worry about styling at home. Always look for a razor that fits your preference and needs. With the right tool, you can shave conveniently without worrying about a frazzled result.

The truth is that not many people are familiar with the eyebrow razor. If you have been using a tweezers, rushing into razor use can mean nicks and substandard saving results. You need to take time and go through the following eye brow shaving tips.

Steps To Use Eyebrow Razor Perfectly

When you grab your eyebrow razor, you want to be sure that you’ll get the right arches and finish for your brow.

Like any other shave, preparing for your eyebrow job is important. You need to use warm water to clean and swab the brow area. This makes the hairs soft and loose. The steam from the warm water will open up follicles and you can cut the hair with ease. Softened hairs are easy to shape.


When finish the preparations, you need to moisturize the brow area. A facial or a daily skin moisturizer will do. You can apply on the upper and lower side of the brows. The area between the brows should be a part of this process. Cover the area with moisturizing cream for safety purposes.

Mark It

Before you get your razor and get done to shave, you need to mark the area you want to carve properly. It makes it easy when you want precision results. You can use an eyebrow pencil to trace the shave line. This way you don’t have to rely on guesswork. You need a brush to raise the hairs such that you have a distinct line showing where to shave and what to spare. The idea is to trim every strand that is beyond the earmarked line. Since you will have raised the hairs, it will be easy to find your way through.

Avoid Applying Pressure

 Even though you won’t have overgrown hairs on your upper brow area, check whether there are straggly strands that may have gone wild. You need to go with the lay of the hair and not against it. If you do, you risk ingrown hairs and the end result may end up looking bad. When it comes to shaving the lower area of the brow, make use of the marked line. Any strands growing beneath need to go. You need to be careful since the brow area is delicate. Move your razor in gently and avoid applying pressure to the skin when moving it. At this time, you need to be careful if you have drawn arch lines. You want them to show exactly the easy you wanted them.

When shaving, it’s important that you do it carefully while monitoring the balance on both brows. You can afford to come out with an asymmetrical shape. If you are careful from the beginning, you will notice any discrepancy and correct it before you spoil the look. If there are any hairs sticking out, you need to chop them but don’t forget the lay of the hair.

Use a Shape That Isn't Flattering to Your Face

Shaving and shaping eyebrows is a delicate art. Your face shape is a crucial aspect in the entire picture. You don’t have to cut two achieve two symmetrical arches that don’t complement your face. You are not clearing out brow hair for the sake of it. Consider your face shape and map out your shaving progression such that you end with a result that balances your looks and facial features

It's advisable that you know how to style your eyebrows from your bathroom. It is okay to follow what your stylist does all the time. It’s important that you have the right tools and tips. Finding the best female eyebrow razor will guarantee you superb results as long as you are observing all the rules in the book. It’s the right razor that will help you keep off the irritation and the worrying that you will end up with a corny look.


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