crucial bags every woman should know and have

A woman’s outfit cannot be complete without a matching bag included. Women love handbags for no good reason but just because they match their outfit. They carry simple things in their bags like their phones, lipstick, handkerchief, purse and even make ups. In any particular day, the choice of which bag to carry depends on where a lady is going and the dress code on that day. Here are essential types of bags every lady should have:
Sling bags
Sling bags can be worn on the shoulders. Most ladies love sling bags as they come in different sizes and shapes. Such bags are appropriate if a lady doesn’t have much to carry. Sling bags are appropriate for carrying your phones, make ups and a purse. They are light and easy to carry on your shoulders.
This is a bag every girls or lady should have. Totes are not only stylish but also voluminous to accommodate most things a lady may wish to carry. They have different zips which opens up different storage sections. Totes are appropriate for the office, church and even brunch with the girls. However, these bags are somewhat heavy and not appropriate for small walks or for going somewhere you don’t need to carry lots of things.
The simplest among the bags a lady should have is a clutch. Clutches are hand held bags appropriate for glitzy evening out. They are very light as they can only accommodate a phone, simple make ups and a handkerchief. When paired with a lady’s outfit, clutches captures more attention than the other two bags.
This is small flat case almost pocket sized. Mainly, women carry them when they are carrying cash to an event or credit cards to withdraw money in banks. Purses are perfect when a lady is going out for a juice drink or quick errand runs.
Shopping bag
Shopping bags, just like the name suggest are mainly used by ladies when doing food stuff shopping at the market. They are strong enough to withstand a lot of weight. Shopping bags have strong straps that are hand held or even carried on the shoulders. They are a perfect replacement of plastic bags as they are stylish and strong.

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