How to Host a Successful Pop-Up Shop


Successful Pop-Up Shop  

Whether you’re an online retailer or a caterer, setting up a pop-up shop or getting a spot at a tradeshow can bring you a huge burst of business and revenue.

Bringing your store to a physical, fixed location is great for experimenting with having a permanent shop; and introducing your brand to new audiences.

Here’s our top tips from pop-up aficionados to help make a success of your foray into a temporary retail space.

  • Choose Your Space

Decide whether you’d get more business at a tradeshow or by holding your own stand-alone shop. This depends on the type of business you run. If you do great street food, you’ll be fine setting up a pop-up outside a mall and will get plenty of passing trade just about anywhere.

If you make bespoke wedding dresses it doesn’t make sense to hold a random stall. For niche trades, you’ll be much better off in a dedicated show space. In this case, bridal tradeshows are common, and you can book yourself a spot at one with ease.

When struggling to know where your shop would be best off, create a list of pros and cons specific to your business about which avenue would bring more revenue.Of course, you could try your hand in a variety of locations before deciding which works best in future.

  • Know Your Audience

This is also a factor when choosing a space. Are your primary/target customers likely to find you on the streets or would they visit a tradeshow? Would they be drawn to a more unusual location, like an old church or at the seaside? Try to set up in an area with relevant businesses around you to benefit from similar custom.

  • Make Your Shop Stand Out

Don’t expect that people will gravitate towards you for your great quality products – you need to catch their eye. Where ever your shop is stationed, you need to persuade people tochoose your shop over others.

Especially when you’re competing at a dedicated tradeshow against rival businesses, you need a unique selling point. Are your products customizable? Does your shop look more inviting than others – does it have chairs, mirrors, fancy lighting, goodie bags? Is there a deal for new customers?

Pop-up promoters say they try to create ‘Instagram moments’ to attract people to their stores – great visuals, live music, an eye-catching slogan. This is a great idea which will provide more organic exposure.

Basically, you need to do much more than just put your products or services on display. Delve into the world of consumer psychology for tips and tricks on how to entice customers.

  • Self-Promotion

Getting a stall at a tradeshow means you’ll benefit from their promotion, which is a big plus. If you’re going down the pop-up shop route, you’ll need to promote yourself.

Go leafleting, put up posters, and of course, use social media and technology to your advantage. Perhaps even get a staff member out on the streets to direct people to your store.

Custom event mobile apps like MeetAppare infinitely useful for organizing, planning and inviting people to your shop – use this app for event managers to spread the word. Utilizing digital events technology means you can do things like send notifications to subscribers about flash discounts and new products. This ensures you stay present in your customers’ minds, and they’ll come flocking towards your store.

  • Equipment & Logistics

Especially if you’re usually an online retailer running an ecommerce site, it’s important to plan out how you will sell your products or services in real life.

You’ll need to get hold of a till and payment system, provide branded bags to deliver purchases in, and have the facilities to process returns. Not to mention bringing your employees out into the open if they’re usually located in the office and decorating a store front.

Your in-store customer service skills need to be on-point and may need a polish if you’re used to communicating with customers online.

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