Fashion Retailer Missguided Accused Of Photoshopping Stretch Marks Onto Their Models

In the past few years, the fashion industry has come a long way when it comes to body diversity and representation. With slim, blonde females no longer the status quo, a new generation of models of all races, genders and body shapes have come to the front of the pack.
With the inclusivity message being heard loud and clear, it was only a matter of time before brands started to tackle the next frontier in transparency: airbrushing models.
Following in the footsteps of ASOS, who announced back in June that they would no longer airbrush their swimwear models, fellow UK fast fashion retailer Missguided also decided to show their models’ in all their glory, stretch marks included. Or so we thought.
As usual, people were happy to high five the brand, with multiple media outlets reporting the story – us included. But on closer inspection, something was off about the photos.
And we weren’t the only ones who noticed with people accusing them of actually editing stretch marks onto its models. Comments on Missguided’s original post showing the stretch marks flip from praise to: “Seriously Photoshopped stretch marks smh just wow society just wow...” and “Embarrassing attempt at Photoshop and even worse attempt at pretending you promote body positivity.”
Missguided has denied the allegations, releasing a statement that says: “Our aim is to inspire body positivity, so our policy is to not Photoshop out what are generally perceived as ‘flaws.’ Photoshopping them on would negate our message, which is all about celebrating who you are and not striving for unrealistic perfection.”
And we can’t say we disagree. But here’s a bright idea: Let’s stop handing out gold stars to retailers and brands that don’t edit stretch marks from its models’ bodies. Stretch marks are entirely normal. We all have them. Yes, even the size 6 models these brands cast for jobs. It’s just not a big deal.

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