Crayola Reveals Underwhelming Name Of New Blue Crayon Bluetiful

Crayola reveals underwhelming name of new blue color crayon
Crayola blue it with the name of its new crayon color, according to some early reactions.
The longtime crayon-maker retired original color "dandelion" from its classic box of 24 to make room for a new color. The company announced on National Crayon Day in March that it would replace dandelion yellow with a new shade of blue. It's the third time Crayola has retired a color, following following maize, raw umber and orange yellow.
Crayola built the hype for months, revealing the color in May, and then inviting fans to submit name ideas. After 90,000 ideas were collected, voting took place and, finally, the new color has a name: Bluetiful.
"Bluetiful," based on a pigment created by Oregon State University experimenting with materials for use in electronics, beat out other nominees like Dreams Come Blue, Blue Moon Bliss, Reach for the Stars and Star Spangled Blue. The new shade will appear in 24-count boxes of crayons later this year.
But not everyone finds the new name, well, beautiful.
"The problem with Bluetiful is it's just too cute, too aware of its pun. Crayon colors didn't used to be like that. Burnt Sienna. Raw Umber. Cornflower. These were not crayon names that wanted you to snicker at them or pat them on their little pointed crayon heads," Thetradeboss complained. "Bluetiful joins a long line of modern Crayola crayons with look-at-me names, like Mango Tango, Macaroni and Cheese, Tickle Me Pink and Jazzberry Jam."
Even stranger yet, "Bluetiful" has a full character profile. It's a girl, named Bea, and her hobbies include "coding apps or video games and relaxing with DIY projects."
Social media was largely underwhelmed in their reactions, despite bluetiful reportedly receiving 40 percent of the votes from the five finalists.

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