Women Feels Cheated And Disappointed As Jumbo Sausage Turns Out Tiny

Sarah Francis, 42, is trying to come to terms with her ordeal after finding a packet of frozen extra large bangers was in fact filled with smaller sausages.
Spare a thought for poor Sarah, who made the discovery at Swindon Farmfoods in Wiltshire. The puny sausages left her feeling ‘cheated’ and ‘thoroughly disappointed’.
Sarah said: ‘We had a Farmfoods leaflet come through the door and noticed they were advertising packets of frozen Ye Olde Oak jumbo sausages.
‘We sometimes buy the jumbo sausages that come in tins, so we thought we would try the frozen ones to see what they were like.
‘But when we got home and opened the packet we found they were the same size as the regular ones.
‘We had bought a packet of jumbo hot dogs and they weren’t even jumbo.’
The bags of 20 sausages are made by Ye Olde Oak and are sold by Farmfoods for £1.99.
Upon close inspection, the Ye Olde Oak’s regular size sausages, which retail at 59p for eight, measure approximately 9.5cm, while the bangers claiming to be of the jumbo variety measure 10cm, an increase of just half a centimetre.
Sarah added: ‘We feel cheated. The packaging is false. Whether they had just been put in the wrong packet or they are all like this, I don’t know.
‘But it’s not really fair when you have paid for them and you expect them to be jumbo.’
A spokesman from manufacturers Ye Olde Oak thanked Sarah ‘for pointing out that Ye Olde Oak’s new frozen hotdog described as “Jumbo” on the packaging is too small to be called “Jumbo”.’
He said: ‘We hope this hasn’t stopped people from enjoying the taste of our new frozen hotdog and that they feel it’s good value for money.
‘Sales have been encouraging, so we aim to make more frozen hotdogs and will change our product description or make the hotdog bigger.’

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