Primark is Launching a Harry Potter Christmas Range With Glittering Baubles and it Looks Absolutely

The high street chain has revealed it is creating a selection of magical decorations, perfect for Potter fans who wish to give their trees a spellbinding edge this year.
Get your hands on these sparkling gold 9 3/4 baubles, which cost £5 from Primark
Decorate your Christmas tree with four coloured baubles decorated as the Hogwarts houses, for £4 for the set
The wizard collection includes a glittering bauble emblazoned with the famous Hogwarts crest, which can be yours for a purse-pleasing £5.
There are also packs of the four baubles for £4 in total, each decorated as a different Hogwarts house.
And there is also a Platform 9 ¾ bauble in the range, which is gold and sparkly and comes with a bow on top, which will be priced at £5,
The products will be released in UK stores at the end of September to the start of October.
Last week Primark announced it was launching a whopping Harry Potter collection, including clothes, homeware and stationery with prices start at just £2.
The incredible range includes stunning fairy lights shaped like potion bottles for just £8, which could also be the perfect addition to any Christmas tree and can be bought at the end of October.
Primark also has £3 Hogwarts bunting currently available in stores for budding witches and wizards, which could complete the festive range.
You can also sit back it your Potter PJs and drink a warming potion from a Harry-shaped mug (£5) or a Cauldron mug (£6).
Primark have been smashing the themed collections in recent months, with Beauty And The Beast merchandise selling the fastest.
The Chip mug recently caused a stampede at the stores and a £4 Chip purse sold out in hours.
But a new set of homeware - including the magical Mrs Potts tea pot - is set to hit the store in September.
In the meantime, the Harry Potter range is set to be a wand-erful seller.

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