Dominos Zero Click App To Let Tou Order A Pizza

Ever really, really needed a pizza, but just couldn’t be bothered clicking through all the dough and topping related choices?
We feel you. And so does Domino’s, as the brand has just introduced a snazzy new way for you to order pizza with zero clicks. No finger movement required.
Well, other than unlocking your phone and opening the app. BUT STILL.
The new Domino's Zero Click app will order your pizza – either your previous order or your pre-selected favourite – for you whenever you open the app. No clicking required, no re-entering your payment information, and no endless box ticking to get rid of the onions and add pineapple (pineapple pizza naysayers, come at me. It’s good).
Which sounds like a recipe for joy/disaster. Think of the endless accidental opens and pocket pizza ordering. Think of all the surprise pizzas. How awful. Or brilliant.
Thankfully the app does have a ten second countdown that lets you modify or cancel your order in case you’ve accidentally opened the app. If you don’t manage to get to your phone in time, so be it. You’re getting pizza. That can’t be a bad thing.
There are also safeguarding options, such as the choice to lock the app (probably a good idea if you frequently sit on your phone).
In short, rejoice. Ordering pizza now requires no more effort than gently tapping your phone’s screen and lying back as you question your life choices. It’s okay. Pizza is here. Everything’s okay.

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