Flipkart Revises Return Policy From 30 Day Window To Just 10 For Top Selling Products

Leading e-commerce website, Flipkart revised its return policy on top brands narrowing the window for the customers who want to send back the product. Changing the norms in its reurn policy, Flipkart brought down the return window from 30 days to 10 days. It means now a customer can send back the product bought on Flipkart within 10 days from the previous 30 on most top-selling products. The new return policy will apply on categories such as electronics, books and mobile phones. The changes will come into effect from June 20.
According to the updates return policy of the Flipkart, the return period has been shortened to 10 days. However the company remained 30-day return policy as it is for clothing, footwear, watches and eyewear, jewellery and fashion accessories, as well as large appliances. The customers have also asked to pay higher commissions, which means the cost of products will increase. Flipkart revised its return policy and increased commission after its rival Amazon excluded items like tablets, laptops, PCs, cameras, accessories and a few other items from refunds.
“The revised structure across shipping, commission and returns will enable sellers to have predictability and better manage their online business,” a Flipkart spokesperson was quoted.
Flipkart has been receiving complaints from sellers because of its previous no-questions-asked return policy under which sellers were responsible for all charges, including return shipping. In order to address this problem, Flipkart decided to short the return period. In order to increase profit, Flipkart has decided to levy higher commission. The move will increase product prices on the Flipkart platform by about 9%.

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