Flipkart Launch Flipskool For Employee Development

E-commerce major Flipkart will launch its internal knowledge management engine Flipkart University, under the brand Flipskool in April this year. Flipkart University, a vehicle for its employees to accelerate their learning, will be headed by chief learning officer Stefaan van Hooydonk, the man who was responsible for setting up global innovative learning departments and corporate universities at Nokia, Agfa Healthcare and Philips in China, Finland and Belgium. Under Flipskool, Flipkart has already created Flipklearn, a e-learning module for its employees.
The platform was being tested since January this year and would be rolled out officially for its 35,000 odd employee internally first, and later be extended to the industry at large. Also, Flipkart founder and executive Chairman Sachin Bansal, and CEO Binny Bansal would be faculty members at Flipskool.
Considering the big gap in the e-commerce and supply chain industry, and with the challenge of availability of knowledgeable supply chain professionals,  Flipkart is trying to address this through Flipskool, aiming to equip people to the highest possible level so that they are employable both inside and outside of the company.
 “What we are trying to set up is not a traditional training department which is like a go-to place for learning. We are aiming for much more. We will create an modern workplace learning, a platform with a social collaborative model to gain and share knowledge We are reinventing things everyday for the ecosystem to continue.”
“The overall proposition is to not set up a series of courses (and certification modules), but to create both short term and long term coaching experience. It would not be a push based system forcing employees to learn something, but it would be a  pull based environment, wherein, people would show eagerness to learn and share their knowledge,” he adds.
Flipkskool would be broadly organised into the capability engine (the IT, processes & innovation backbone), academic engine (the subject matter backbone) and delivery engine (the client interface-delivery backbone). Flipskool would operate through the framework of courses (learning from instruction), resources (learning from information supporting productivity and job performance), social collaboration (learning through sharing of knowledge and experiences), and personal learning (learning individually).
Speaking about how differently they would be doing at Flipkart, Hooydonk said, “We are going to have four academies under Flipskool. One academy on supply chain, one academy on e-commerce, one academy on Flipkart Way, highlighting the way we do things here (focusing on leadership), and lastly, a strange one but important ‘happiness academy’, which would focus on people’s passion, be it cooking, scuba diving or rock climbing…”
The entire team of 100 plus staff  of training and development division across verticals would be brought under Hooydonk who would be reporting to Nitin Seth, Chief People officer at Flipkart.
With the attrition being as high as 50-60% in the e-commerce industry, on the apprehension that people may quit after getting trained at Flipkart to join another organisation, Hooydonk said, “I’d rather train people and have them leave, than end up with lesser talent. I am not worried about this in the 21st century. we should start embracing the notion of caring, and the company that cares more will be able to retain its employees. That’s part of Flipkart culture.”
“India is just starting to grow in the learning and development segment. Both the Bansals are extremely passionate about this and that’s why we are doing this. To start with, they have shared the top books that have impressed them the most as private people, as businessman and as individuals.”

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