Online Retailer Flipkart Invests In Parenting Social Network Tinystep

Online Retailer Flipkart has invested an undisclosed amount in parenting-focused social network Tinystep to back the start-up’s plans in developing product, enhancing user experience and strengthening the team. Tinystep will also use the fund to further accelerate the company’s growth and its user engagement.
Suhail Abidi, founder of Tinystep said, “Silicon Valley has given us Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more awesome social products, Tinystep can be a tiny gift from India. “Flipkart is helping us with the required guidance to continue our excelling growth”, he added
Nishant Verman, head of Corporate Development at Flipkart said, “The child care industry holds massive potential and Tinystep being a community driven product is definitely going in the right direction towards dominating it.”
Tinystep is based out of Koramangala, Bangalore. Given the primary focus on technology and product, the 20 member team comprises mostly of engineers.

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