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 The instances of satin being stitched down into tuxedos have been minimized in the recent times and we have examples of Tropical Black Tie which is also commonly known by the term white dinner jacket.  In such typical attire type, a white turn down collar shirt is opted for alongside a white dinner jacket, while trousers are of dark (black) shade and so are the accessories. For instance, black strap watches, black shoes, black or dusky cufflinks and ties among other items. The bottom line is that white jacket paired with white shirt will reflect great persona while black trousers would be enmeshed during dressing up for a significant occasion. As such, the jackets are also precisely designed with a single button on the front while flap pockets and a shawl lapel combine to cast elegant looks. Such is also a tuxedo design but it does not align the use of satin to  a maximum extent.


Further, such minimum satin tuxedo of modern times has not gained widespread momentum and such are designed and custom tailored only to a limited population. In other words, the black, heather grey and steel grey tuxedos do not align the use of satin at all and it is primarily because of the fact that such tuxedos hail from the group of identical tuxedos and are preferred options for daytime weddings, where lights are least cast.

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Remaining Distinction:

Apart from prominent physical differences, a tuxedo enables the person to relay a specific message which is found to be pretty distinct to any custom tailored suit. Hence, scores of minds with a diverse mindset prefer to opt for T-shirts and Jeans while wearing a finely crafted and tailored made tuxedo over it. However, fashion guides and Recommended Tailors in Hong Kong emphasize that suits also send out strong message just like a tuxedo but at specific occasions. It is owing to popular recognition which is attached to such attires at length as per societal norms. 

The gist of the matter is that a tuxedo simply does not pave way to dress up warmly and to cast elegant looks, but the objective is simply to get into ceremonious bent of mind while visiting an occasion wearing a finely crafted tuxedo. In precise words, a tuxedo will communicate a person’s special attachment and great feelings for the event that he has visited. Hence, a suit may be a perfect choice for any special event or a social gathering, but even then, a tuxedo will dictate one’s special feelings in a classic way for the end event.

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