Social Media Guruís Predict Google+ís Future In India


With the kind of mass users that Facebook has, it is almost impossible for any other social network to penetrate and garner users. However, if ever there was someone who could do it, it is Google. While networks like Twitter have their own niche and are not targeted at each and every person, Google+ is a direct competitor to Facebook, offering almost everything it does, with Google’s touch of integration with all other services.

Google+, with its 3 Million Indian users, is still a long distance away from Facebook’s 35 Million Indian users. However, the incredibly short span in which they have reached 3 Million users has left analysts shocked.

Business Standard recently polled various Social Media Guru’s across the Indian landscape, including our own Rajiv Dingra, to see where they see Google+ heading. Here’s what some of them had to say:

According to founder of Pinstorm, Mahesh Murthy, Google+ has a pretty good chance of growing six-fold. “I see Google+ accounting for around 20 million users by the third quarter of 2012, and touching the 50-million user mark by the third quarter of 2014. Even at these numbers, it may still be second to Facebook in India, though a large and very significant second in a market where Facebook is the undisputed leader right now,” he said.

    Even Advith Dhuddha of Social Media Management Firm AliveNow concurs, “Google+ is expected to launch a Facebook-for-business-like product in the coming months, and that may help the site to drive new users who want to engage with Google’s platform. I can see Google+ touching 15 million users from India in a year’s time, but Facebook would grow stronger,”


Rajiv Dingra, founder of WatBlog, says, “Just as Twitter sticks out as an influential platform where you engage with thought leaders, Facebook is a community platform to talk to all. But Google+ is yet to become something to someone. The site is fast becoming a collaborative platform where you collaborate with people and share ideas or news. Facebook, on the other hand, carries on a very personal level of interactions among users.”

From various actions of Google, like banning fake names and only allowing real names, their language shows that they want Google+ to be your online identity or even your online passport. Depending on how they take this idea further, they may be able to find themselves a niche, along with Facebook.  For instance, would Google+ be willing to let users of competing services like Rediff and Yahoo! join Google+ without making a Google ID?

With Facebook’s recently revamped News Feed and Home Page, people are calling it their reaction to Google+. The coming months will show if people move ship to Google+, stay put on Facebook or start using both networks simultaneously. Another differentiating factor between the two networks is that, as Twitter user Ajit Pillai said, “The difference between Facebook and Google + is that Google is trying to take social netwrking mobile and facebook is just updating it’s website“.

New features on Google+ like Group Video Calling Huddle have been brought to Android smartphones. While Facebook too has been updating their smartphone clients, Google+ definitely has an edge in this area feature wise .

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