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We all are familiar with the front pallu draping style popularly known as the Gujarati style because that it how the women of Gujarat drape their sarees. The pallu is taken around the back of the body after tucking the pleats at the waist and instead of turning it around and bringing it over the left shoulder to hand loosely at the back, the Gujarati style has the pallu being brought over the right shoulder and pinned up in pleats. This is done to expose the marvelous weaves and designs of the gujarati sarees in a better way. But very few of us know about the wide variety of Gujarati handloom sarees and how they contribute to the fashionable latest designer sarees.

Buy saree for women from the richness of the Gujarati textiles and add an incomparable vibrancy to your wardrobe as the culture of Gujarat involves a lot of colors that symbolize positivity and sweetness. A lot of indian Bollywood sarees owe their inspiration from such handlooms and also incorporates many elements from them to rediscover the depth of our culture and present it in a modern and appealing way to the world. From the traditional weaves of Patan Patola which can make your day at any traditional event to the more sophisticated ikats, Gujarat has everything in store for you.

1.       Bandhni sarees- Bandhni is a traditional tie and dye method of coloring sarees with absolutely natural dyes made form fruits, vegetables and flowers. They are very bright and attractive and you can now even buy half sarees in two kinds of bandhni work in the same saree.

2.      Gujarati brocade- in gujarati brocades golden motifs of leaves, flowers, birds, etc. are woven on a richly colored background. You can also find scenes from mythological stories, figurines of dancers and such wonders. Since these take a lot of time to be exquisitely women, they are very expensive but having one in your collection is a treasured possession. Cities like Jamnagar and Mehsana produce such textile wonders.

3.      Tanchoi sarees- Tanchoi is yet another very expensive kind of saree made in Surat. You can observe very intricate and small patterns, designs or scenes woven on rich silk fabrics. The most common ones are hunting scenes, flowers, birds and especially parrots and peacocks.

4.      Patan Patola sarees- Patola sarees are another specialty of Gujarat and there is a lot of hard work involved in weaving a single patola saree. It is highly amazing and enthralling how finely the double ikat is woven to produce such prized gems. It can take even six months to weave a patola saree and this is the reason for it being highly expensive. The warp threads and the weft threads are bound to resist the color and form the final design or pattern. It is done so finely that both the sides have the same intensity and vibrancy of color and you can hardly find any reverse side. The colorful varieties in red, yellow, white and dark green, usually having small flowers, elephants and geometric patterns make them so gorgeous and the true representatives of Indian heritage.

5.      Gharchola or panetar sarees- gharchola or panetar sarees are typically Gujarati wedding sarees usually in red and white combination. They usually have bandhni work on them or Gujarati block prints. Zari or bandhni dots divide the netire length of the saree into little equal sized squares, each having similar motifs.



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