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Since the time immortal, games like rummy, poker and blackjack have been loved by several gamers in India. Indian Rummy is the game which has long being the important part of get-togethers and kitty parties. Rummy has some slightly modified rules that split it in different categories. Indian Rummy is the category which can be played with 2 to four players. It is a lot like rummy but it has some twists and turns.

These changes make Indian rummy the hottest favorite card game. Each player plays with 13 cards in this game, instead of 10 cards. It is the major difference between Indian rummy and other types of rummy games. Indian rummy is a lot similar to other rummy games in the world. These days, there are several

Best Rummy Sites In India where you can play rummy online.

How Can I Play Indian Rummy?

Pretty similar to its original variant, you have 13 cards at hand that you need to escape from. In Indian version, you have 3 extra cards in this amazing game. The one who escapes their cards first wins the game. When the cards are kept hidden, the deals are made. If you know the rules of rummy very well, there is no serious problem for you while playing Indian rummy. While playing Indian rummy, no melding will be there on the table. In case you go out, melding will happen. At any time when the game is running, cards are not shown off on other molds. In a single turn, the major things occurred are discarding and drawing. 
Draw – It is compulsory for the first player that he has to take only one card either from discard pile or the stock pile. Only the top card of the pile is visible and it stands facing up. If player picks from the stock, the opponent shall not be allowed to see the cards because other cards are facing down.
Discard – Once drawing is done, you have to determine the pile and decide what is going to be in that card you need. It can be the card out of series or the other one.
Melding – It is the process of combining cards altogether to form runs or sets. The set features at least 3 cards of similar rank. On the other side, run has at least 3 cards of same suit in the same rank.

Now enjoy the Indian rummy online and start the game. Start beating the random players from different countries and score higher. After registration, you can start playing the rummy against the opponents and challenge the players over the tournaments. Along with this, you can win huge and claim great cash rewards. You may also get some assured gifts like gadgets, electronics, and holiday trips. If you are new to Rummy, you can play practice series before playing for the real cash. This game can make you win bigger if you play smartly and sensibly. If your luck accompanies you, it is possible that you can make big fortune with this game.

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