The Revival of Traditional Embroidery has Infused it with a New Life

The age old embroideries of India are living examples of the height Indians reached centuries ago. Not only in sculpture or architecture did Indians excel, but in embroidery too India has no match. The rich textiles of India and the wonderful creative abilities of the craftsmen favored such excellence. Over centuries the villages of India gave birth to generations of weavers and skilled craftsmen who with their nimble fingers, inimitable patience and awe inspiring sense of art have created yards of fine and flawless embroidery.

In the age of Bollywood saree designers have come up with brilliant ideas to revive the age old embroideries which had somehow got hidden under the craze for Western wears. Indian designer sarees are now once again making a use of such rich designs to create unique designs of sarees that are not only worthy to present nationally and internationally on the ramp but also popular among the masses.

Let us have a look at two kinds of embroideries that have been infused with a new life owing to this revival.

·         Bengal’s Kantha stitch- kantha is the name for cotton quilts made in olden days. That generation had a wonderful sense of aesthetics and would portray it in form of embroidery on anything from sarees to table cloths and even cotton quilts. These were first made by accumulating layers of old dhotis and other soft cloths and stitching them along the edges with thread that was pulled out from sarees. Fine colorful embroidery was then done on the white cloth to create floral designs and stuff.

The exquisite art form is now used by designers to create their designer collection. Sabyasachi Mukherjee in India Couture Week 2014 made a fabulous use of Kantha and Benarasi silk to create a stunning half and half saree that stole the entire gaze. The redness of the Benarasi silk was beautifully complemented by the beige of the pallu section adorned all over with intricate and brightly hued Kantha embroidery. Buy designer sarees online with such age old embroidery with a modern twist to steal attention in the best away possible at any event. This sense of ethnic fashion is really of international standards.

·         Chikankari- Next is Lucknow’s chikankari which is embroidery of India that is truly captivating because of its elegance. It was praised even by the Greek traveler Megasthenes. Chikan was mainly shadow stitch in floral designs done on muslin or cotton cloth. Gradually it began to be done on chiffon and georgette too. The specialty of chikan is that it is done with the same thread as that of the base cloth.

Designers creating Bollywood sarees online India have come up with this novel idea of using the Lucknow chikan work to create designer ensembles. Not only sarees but ethnic dupattas, salwar suits, kurtis and even jackets are being created with this work to make them more appealing to the masses. Lucknow chikan definitely deserves to have a pan Indian popularity and it would be fabulous if such traditional forms of Indian embroidery soon reaches the foreign shores and is widely accepted with open arms. In fact it has been seen that it is very popular abroad and is bought by many non residential Indians.

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