Traditional Indian prints- the living symbol of culture, heritage and craftsmanship

Indian handlooms are not only mere textiles but works of exquisite art. In India clothing too has an aesthetic edge and we love to portray our skill and creativity in everyday clothing too. That is why Indian traditional weaves, prints and embroidery is so highly revered internationally and the demand for Indian textiles is massive in foreign countries. The amount of hard work and skill involved in creating Indian textiles is incredible and unimaginable. Often an entire family in a village is involved in creating a saree or completing the fine embroidery of it. There are thousands of villages in the interior parts of the states of India which are dedicated to the creation of specific types of sarees. Such sarees are intrinsic to those areas and the states are famous for such traditional prints or weaves. For instance, Sambalpuri and Vichitrapuri sarees are typical of Orissa while Patola is a famous saree of Gujarat; detailed Kantha Stitch is a specialty of Bengal while the vibrant tye and dye is what Rajasthan is known for.
Here we discuss some of the traditional Indian prints which are exquisitely beautiful and can never go out of fashion. In fact, these prints are being used by designers to create new and stylish versions of online Bollywood sarees and salwar suit desings. Kurtis and tunics too are being crafted in the lines of traditional Indian prints to keep up the traditional alive. Brands like Riti Riwaz, Biba and FabIndia are known for their rich ethnic collection that accumulates the prints India is famous for in their collection.
1.       Kalamkari prints- Kalamkari is traditional painting on silk or cotton fabrics with a bamboo kalam or pen with natural dyes. Kalamkari designs are popular among the traditional crafts of Andhra Pradesh and Kalamkari prints are being used almost everywhere from shirts to sarees as they have an undeniable grandeur because of the fine detailed paintings and designs. The popular motifs are peacocks, Radha-Krishna and floral designs. You can have an kurtis or an entire saree in Kalamkari print or just the border. You can also have designer half sarees with one section in exquisite kalamkari art.
2.      Block Prints- Block prints are one of the oldest prints on Indian textiles and is revered and loved even today. Block prints can have various kinds of motifs printed on sections of cloth and each day new designs are being crafted on the blocks to create beautiful Indian textiles. The carved blocks are dipped in various colors to get block prints of any color desired. They have a smart and elegant appearance and block prints look best on cotton weaves. These are must haves for an instantly sophisticated and ethnic look.
3.      Bagru print- bagru prints are usually prints of a single color in small floral motifs or rounded spiral shapes repeated over a deep colored background. It is also known as mus resist prints or Dabu prints.

4.      Ikat print- Ikat prints are always in high demand because of the smart look of the resist dyeing technique. Ikat means binding and the in ikat prints the dye is printed before the weaving of the threads. The Ikat print is often used in sarees, suits as well as sometimes in bags and cushion covers and bed sheets for a beautiful ethnic touch. 

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